The Centretown Citizens Community Association (CCCA) is a volunteer-based organization that seeks to represent and promote the interests of Centretown in Ottawa, Ontario. This site highlights our activities and gives Centretown residents the information they need to get involved in their community. CCCA members don’t need to live in Centretown, however; those who work or own property or a business in the area are welcome to join too! Become a member today and help make Centretown a lively, vibrant and welcoming community. Membership is only $5, but the rewards are priceless.

Please remember that much of the CCCA’s work, including formal appeals of City decisions, sponsoring public meetings on development issues, keeping citizens informed or undertaking other activities to build a better future for all Centretowners, requires financial resources. Your donation will help ensure that we can continue to represent the interests of our members and all Centretowners to the fullest possible extent. Thank you for your support!